List of Science Fair Project Ideas

Just some introspection about my gender identity

//Edit// I noticed afterwards I should've put gender in parenthesis as this post didn't turn out to be solely about gender identity but things related to it or the kind of thoughts I got when thinking about my gender identity... But since you can't change headlines, please be understainding ;) //
As you see from my tag I'm still questioning. I've written here a few times before, and I feel like this subreddit is helping me to recognize whether or not my issues arise from gender dysphoria of some sort...
Now I'd just like to share a few notes I've made about my gender identity. I don't necessary have any questions right now. But if my notes give you any kind of thoughts, feel free to comment!
Thanks for reading & have a great week!
//Edit 9th Jan// Some more stuff... These things just keep on coming, sorry x3 I think it's better I list it all in the same post so I don't spam anyone else here too much.
//Edit 17th Jan//
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And last but not least, some "can relate" memes for me to return to ;) When you're ftm and see how flawlessly mtfs are when "being a woman" was a chore to you: When my mother may have figured out I am not as cis as I try to appear but has yet to say anything directly. Me irl When someone points out that trans people are crossdressers before they start dressing as their identified gender. Come to think of it... Meme of the day #currentfeels "How to cis" (AFAB version) When you're out online, but not irl, and so you spend all your time online, instead of just improving your irl situation:
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